1] What is Glitchspring about?

We are about inventing new ways to cause glitches in systems for positive impact.
Glitches are moments when a system judders, and normal transmission is briefly suspended.
We believe that in these moments a space can open up for more human values to flower.
Our launch product BBit13 is designed to be released in financial systems, acting like "a rabbit in the machine".

2] Who is behind Glitchspring?

We're a tech start-up, a fluid collective of programmers, poets, and hackers stretched across four continents.

We mostly prefer to stay anonymous, but our co-founder and COO Roger Krolik is available for press interview.

But whoever you are, you'll find out more by playing with BBit13.

Site built for Glitchspring by Department Q

3] How can I get involved?

Like any bot, BBit13 learns through human interaction.
Soon you'll be able to play with BBit13 and make random but meaningful associations to the concepts it provides, and you'll help it make more protean and serendipitous impact in the markets: for all our benefit.

We're also showcasing in London in Sep 13 in Futurefest.

If you have any further questions please contact us via contact@glitchspring.org



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